I have recently been offering a private song critique service for friends to help them with their songwriting and mix process. Based on feedback from those experiences, I have decided to make this service publicly available to anyone who wants it. 


If you are looking to improve your craft, there is nothing more valuable than to have an experienced guide to help you along the way. Let me help you find your own path, and equip you with the tools and knowledge to achieve your songwriting and production goals.

Your SongwRiTIng

If you are a songwriter, having a genuine and accurate representation of your musical vision is not only a rewarding experience, it can also save you time and money before you go in to a studio to record your song.


As a songwriter and performer, I have won writing awards from ASCAP, had music on the US Billboard charts, and have licensed songs to film and television. I can give you insight on how to adjust your song to achieve a more immersive listening experience, and how to improve your music to be more aligned with what song licensors and sync houses are looking for. Often times this can be something as simple as a lyric or melody rewrite, or a slight arrangement adjustment to really make your song come to life.

Your Mix

If you are producing and engineering, there is nothing more frustrating than working on a mix and not knowing if you can trust what you are hearing. This is especially true if you are limited by your production environment and equipment. I have two professionally tuned rooms in my studio, which are suitable for A/B comparisons to real world environments, along with both digital and analog processing/playback devices.


I have an Audio Engineering degree from AIA and have been engineering for the past 20 years. I have learned how to quickly identify trouble spots in a mix, and how to get dynamic volume without over compression or limiting. I can also advise you on how to achieve a quality mix with most stock DAW plugins, and how to hit target LUFS levels for specific streaming services.

Your Style

Not everyone sounds the same, and not everyone needs to. If you are out exploring new frontiers in our digital age of music songwriting and production, it can be a discouraging experience to be told to stick to tradition, when you can see and hear new genres and methods of creating music every day.


As a multi genre producer I can also help you with non traditional and niche song structures and genres. Most critique services tend to recommend traditional genre and songwriting technique, which doesn't always fit every style. If you need input with a less traditional or newer genre, I may be the one to help you with your lo-fi shoegaze vaporwave track.


Your Choice

I understand that creating music is a very personal thing and sometimes you just want an unbiased opinion on a specific part or emotional aspect of a song. My goal is to offer you input on exactly what you ask for and leave out the rest. If you just want mix notes, I won't bother giving input on the lyrics. If it's just a demo and you want to know if the message and feel is there, I'm not going to go on about whether the bass is masking the drums or not. What you ask for is what you will get.


What I cannot do, is advise you whether or not your song is "good" or "bad" as those are very subjective concepts. What I can do, is advise you on how to get your song to translate well to your audience, and how to improve the sonic quality of the mix. My goal is to be as unbiased with my input as possible. However much or little input you want, I am able to give.

Below are common input points usually asked for in the critique, along with the timeline and cost of the process. If you have any questions on the process or want to know about any other services I may offer, feel free to ask.

Technical Critique

    1. Mix - Determine how well each instrument fits in to the overall mix. Analyze mix for consistency with typical listening devices and environments.

    2. Dynamics - Check overall loudness and LUFS levels for different streaming services.


Exponential Critique

    1. Flow - Check for immersion, and what may interfere with subconscious attachment. 

    2. Character - Determine if the song fits the genre or style it is made for.

    3. Voice - Determine if the lyrics convey the message or story being told, in an engaging way.



    You will get a detailed assessment with actionable steps to improve the song based on specific feedback requests.


Required Assets

    1. WAV, AIFF, or MP3 audio file of song

    2. Artist Name

    3. Song Title

    4. Song Genre


Turnaround Time

    After purchase, you will receive a link to a password protected submission form where you can upload your file. Once your file is uploaded, you will receive your critique by email within three business days.



    $15 per song. Payments are made through Gumroad with TLS 128-bit encryption.


    Project 29 - Crazy

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