Digital Alchemy Sample Kit Available

Updated: Jun 12

I recently learned how to make 808 kicks and bass with Alchemy in Logic Studio, and up until now I had been using samples from other kits so I decided to make my own.

Digital Alchemy has over 100 royalty free samples including 21 tuned 808 style kicks and bass. The sounds range from very subtle, all the way to crazy bit crushed otherworldly warbles. Everything in this kit was made from scratch including the synths. I used a couple sounds on the last two The Binaries songs, and this short demo below only uses sounds from the kit as well. I’ve also included some one shot samples from 4 different synths, along with two drum loops with stems.

This sample kit is great for any producers and songwriters that make lo-fi, hip-hop, trip-hop or any song that needs some progressive character. If you are looking to explore without getting lost for hours in the sample rabbit hole then this may be the kit for you.

I have also bundled all current sample packs in to a combo pack which includes the Conversion drum sample kit, Sounds Off guitar sample kit, as well as Digital Alchemy. All together it includes over 200 samples hand made by me in my studio. Sample Kit Combo Pack

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