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New project The Binaries

I have started a new band/studio project called The Binaries. It is a duo project consisting of myself and one other person. For now the other person is a rotating cast of musician friends until I find the right collaborator to bring onboard in a more permanent sense. We have released our first single "Dream Sequence 18" out in to the world, and it is available on all digital services. We also set up an online shop with a few commemorative goodies. One of these items is an embroidered mission patch. I plan to make one for each song we release in the same spirit of how NASA makes mission patches. Each one will feature elements from our "mission" aka song and will be made in limited quantities. I look forward to sharing more of this project with you in the future. You can listen to our single below or hit the link to check out our store. Be well and keep going!

Web store: