Copyright 1996 - 2057 Christin Nelson.

Sample Kit Free Sounds

Thank you to everyone who has supported the new sample kit I released back in April. I have added a free version which includes 3 sounds from the kit. Two of the sounds are a matching set of bass and electric guitar featured in the sound demo below. The third is a foley clip of reverb springs on a 1996 Fender Blues Deville tube amp. You can grab the free sounds over on the product page. Good luck and happy creating everyone!

Sound loops included with this free kit:

1 electric bass loop

1 electric guitar loop

1 foley texture


Equipment used:

1996 Fender Jaguar HH MIJ

1964 Silvertone 1477

Fernandez Bass

1996 Fender Blues Deville tube amp

1971 Acoustic Control 150 solid state amp

EA Super Collider

EH Micro POG

Line 6 Verbzilla

Boss DD-7

Boss TR-2



Sennheiser e609 (black)