Copyright 1996 - 2057 Christin Nelson.

New sample kit available.

My latest sample kit is now available. Sounds Off Volume 1 is a collection of electric and acoustic guitar sounds intended to be sampled and re-engineered. All sounds were created with real instruments and microphones on analogue equipment. To see more details and listen to demos, please visit the product page. Good luck everyone!

Sound loops included with this kit:

7 electric bass loops

22 electric guitar loops

2 acoustic guitar loops

3 acoustic guitar riffs

11 foley textures


Equipment used:

1996 Fender Jaguar HH MIJ

1964 Silvertone 1477

Fernandez Bass

1996 Fender Blues Deville tube amp

1971 Acoustic Control 150 solid state amp

EA Super Collider

EH Micro POG

Line 6 Verbzilla

Boss DD-7

Boss TR-2



Sennheiser e609 (black)